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Braden Rogers Aces ASVAB test

Posted on: July 6, 2021 10:00 am

Braden Rogers, who just finished his junior year at FHS, notched quite an accomplishment this spring: he scored in the 99th percentile on the ASVAB test.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery measures a young adult’s strengths and potential for success in military training. Rogers explained, "The test is required as part of the recruitment process so that you know what jobs you qualify for."

As it turns out, scoring in the top 1 percent carries a lot of benefits including a 100% Ohio Army National Guard scholarship and Rogers' first choice of military jobs, "I earned the GI Bill kicker and may qualify for other scholarships or bonuses," said Rogers, who plans to attend The Ohio State University and has also enlisted in the National Guard. He is undecided about his college major, but is considering something math/engineering related. 

Rogers said that the math and reading sections of the ASVAB were similar to other tests he's taken, but the arithmetic section included "an unusual amount of long division and other things we normally don’t do without a calculator." He added, "As far as the mechanical and electrical sections went, they were unlike anything I had ever taken in school."

Only a few of Rogers' family members have served in the military and said his reasons for seeking a military career are, "The opportunity to serve my country, gain military experience, and get my college tuition paid for simultaneously." 

Rogers is a member of the FHS swim team, marching band, jazz band, the Spanish National Honor Society, and the National Honor Society.

Rogers took the online test at the Columbus Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). 

Braden Rogers in uniform