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Dawn M. Harris


Dawn Harris   Gifted Services Coordinator
Office   754 E. Fourth Street, Franklin, OH 45005
Phone   937.743.8602 x1459  
Email   dmharris@franklincityschoolscom


District Policy for the Identification and Service of Children Who Are Gifted


The Franklin City School Board, administration, and staff believe the purpose of education is to facilitate the development of the potential of each student. Therefore it is our goal to focus on intellectual, academic, and creative aspects of learning. Students are involved in critical thinking, Bloom’s higher-level activities, and creative problem-solving. Within their regular classroom, they are provided with differentiated content/process/product and other enrichment activities based on their ability and needs. (For more information, click on the district policy and plan below. Copies are available at each school office.)

FCS District Policy and Plan


Referral & Identification


School districts are required to identify students who are gifted. They may be identified in one or more of the four areas:

  • Cognitive (overall intelligence)

  • Specific Academics (Reading, Math, Science, or Social Studies)

  • Creative Thinking Ability

  • Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Music, Dance, or Drama)


Part of the process of identification includes referrals for gifted testing. In order to refer a student, please pick up and complete the "Permission for Assessment of Gifted Identification” referral form which can be found at each school building in the front office. This form gives the district permission to assess your child for possible identification. Please return the completed referral form to either:

  • your child’s teacher

  • the building secretary

  • Gifted Services at Central Office



It is the desire of Franklin City Schools to promote maximum individual opportunities for our students, to develop and grow potential, to cultivate skills in critical thinking as well as creativity, and to supply each student with the tools to be productive citizens.


Gifted Services currently provided to our gifted students:

K-6th      Regular classroom setting for academics
    Written Education Plan (WEP)
7th/8th   Gifted & Advanced English Language Arts (ELA)
    Cluster-grouped with a Cognitive, Creativity, or Reading identification
    Written Education Plan (WEP) 
9th-12th      Honors English
    Cluster-grouped with a Cognitive, Creativity, or Reading identification
    Written Education Plan (WEP) 

(For more information, please see the acceleration policy and procedure below. Copies also available at each school office.)

  College Credit Plus, Early Entrance, Subject,
Grade, Early Graduation, Cluster Grouping 



Acceleration is any modification or change of the regular instructional program that enables a student to progress more rapidly and to complete a program in less time or at an earlier age than is traditional. The acceleration opportunities should include, but  are not limited to:

  • early entrance into kindergarten
  • subject acceleration (one or more areas)
  • grade acceleration
  • early graduation

Acceleration Policy and Procedure


Other advanced opportunities for identified students include:

7th/8th     Advanced Math
    Foreign Language (French or Spanish)
9th-12th   Honors
    Advanced Placement classes (AP)
    College Credit Plus


 Please be aware at this time, it is required by law that school districts must provide opportunities to identify children as gifted. However, districts are not required to provide gifted services.