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In January 2001, Franklin City Schools established a Student Achievement Award to honor students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in academics, community service, or character. Since the award's inception, numerous students have been recognized by the Board of Education.

Examples (but not an exhaustive list) of achievements that would merit this award:

  •   Perfect (or high) scores on SAT or ACT (minimum composite score in the 95th percentile)
  •   Winners or district-wide competitions such as spelling bees and speech contests.
  •   Scoring at the advanced level on four or five out of five of the Ohio Proficiency Test
  •   Exemplary service to others, including heroic acts.
  •   Three consecutive years of perfect school attendance, with no absences, no tardys, and no sign-outs.
  •   Best of the graduation class, based on GPA.
  •   Wildcat of the Year (Junior High)
  •   State or National recognition in the areas listed above (academics, service, and character).

Any Franklin student, including those attending the Career Center, is eligible for this award. Students may be nominated by any district employee, Board Member, or by another student.

Nominations are reviewed by a committee consisting of students, parents, administrators, Board Members, and community members. The committee meets monthly.

The Student Achievement Committee meets to review nominations on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in serving as a parent or community representative, please contact us.

Student Achievement Nomination Form